Quiz: Should You See A Physiotherapist?

Apr 8, 2022 12:00:00 AM | Renew Quiz: Should You See A Physiotherapist?

Curious if you need to see a physiotherapist? Take this quiz to find out if physical therapy could help you move better and pain-free!

Many of us who need physical therapy or need to see a physiotherapist don't ever get PT.

Are you one of the people that are missing out?

In less than 2 minutes, our physiotherapy quiz will tell you:

  • If you have any red flags that require immediate attention from a professional.
  • If you can finally get rid of pains bothering you, improve your performance and overall movement with physiotherapy!


Start the quiz by answering "YES or "NO" to the following questions. Keep track of your answers to see your results at the end!

  1. Are you currently experiencing any pain or discomfort?
  2. Have you been in pain longer than 3-4 days even though you rested?
  3. Do you experience pain during exercise or sports?
  4. Does pain interrupt or affect your sleep?
  5. Do you experience any pain during day-to-day activities? (Example: sitting, bending over, climbing stairs)
  6. Do you use any anti-inflammatory medicine or pain killers more than once a week?
  7. Do you want to improve your athletic performance?
  8. Do you want to avoid injuries to continue staying active or keep up your current fitness routine?
  9. Have you noticed a change in your range of motion? (Example: reaching overhead, bending at the knees or hips)

Remember your answers? If you answered "YES":


You definitely need to see a physiotherapist!


You probably would benefit from seeing a physiotherapist.

2 or Less

You should consider scheduling a physiotherapy screening.

If you're a generally active person, you may have already asked yourself if you should see a physiotherapist or a physical therapist.

Even if you're not exercising 5 or 6 times a week, many factors go into how physiotherapy could benefit you and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle!

A simple screening with a physiotherapist can help identify, address, and plan sustainable ways to help reduce many types of aches and pain and fix imbalances while helping you better understand your body and how it functions!

If you are in extreme pain, have an acute injury, or cannot function properly (you can't walk, move an area of your body, or are in so much pain you can't move throughout your daily activities without extreme pain), definitely seek help and treatment from an M.D. first!

Written By: Renew Physiotherapy