3 Things To Know Before Being Dry Needled

Aug 3, 2022 2:38:23 PM | Renew 3 Things To Know Before Being Dry Needled

Use our 3 top tips to help prepare yourself for your first dry needling session!

Dry needling is a technique for managing pain that has gained popularity among physical therapists. This therapy technique uses small, thin needles to target trigger points in your muscles that will help get rid of the knots that are causing you pain. 

Getting poked with needles can sound a little nerve-wracking, so we asked our Renew Physiotherapy team to share a few ~points~ on what to know before being dry needled. Here's what the Renew team had to say: 

1. Plan your outfit accordingly 

Wearing spandex and compression gear is great to wear while you work out, but leggings and other tight-fitting clothes aren't going to do you much good when you show up to your dry needling session. The physiotherapy team recommends wearing loose-fitting and comfortable clothes. Choosing loose, comfortable clothes will allow your physiotherapist to easily access your muscle while also allowing you to stay comfortable during the 15-30 minutes session. 

2. Stay hydrated 

We already know that we should be getting in our 8 cups of water a day, but it's extremely important to stay hydrated before AND after your dry needling session. Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to avoid and reduce soreness in your muscles from your needling session. So don't forget to keep that water bottle full! 

3. Keep moving

Although your muscles will relax from the treatment, it is normal to feel some soreness after your dry needling session. It can take several hours or even until the next day for the soreness to settle in. Needling can cause some fatigue in the treated area, so it's essential to follow any rehab stretches and exercises recommended by your physiotherapist to continue the pain relief process and improve the muscle function post-treatment. 


Dry needling is an excellent treatment option for runners, weight lifters, or anyone experiencing pain. If you follow the advice of our highly trained Renew Wellness team, then you'll be amazed at how quickly you'll be moving better and feeling better! Book a free screening session with the Renew team today to see how dry needling can help you move better, feel better, and perform better!

Written By: Emily S.