Keeping Motivated In Physiotherapy

May 2, 2023 12:59:35 PM | Renew Keeping Motivated In Physiotherapy

The drive to persevere can make a big difference in a patient's recovery journey. Learn motivation's role in the pace and success of the healing process.

A patient’s motivation is arguably one of the most important factors which influences the speed and extent of their recovery. Oftentimes, individuals will start their rehab journey with the best of intentions and with great enthusiasm. This is to be expected as it is much easier to prioritize physical therapy treatments and home exercises when you are experiencing significant discomfort and/or mobility restrictions which affect you on a daily basis. Usually this is also the time that the quickest and most encouraging breakthroughs are made and such victories in themselves can be powerful short-term motivators.

As a patient continues to progress through the rehabilitation process, their motivation may waver for a number of reasons. Some may have made a successful return to independent living with very little pain and don’t prioritize their other goals quite as highly e.g. return to golf or hiking. Others have become bored with their home exercises/therapy sessions and maybe feel that they are not being challenged or listened to enough by their therapist. The following are some tips and strategies if you find yourself encountering such difficult periods during your rehabilitation.

Set Small, Medium and Long term Goals

The concept of setting short, medium and long-term goals is especially applicable to physiotherapy. For example, a patient who sustained a knee injury will need to learn how to walk optimally and build sufficient strength before they can progress to running and jumping. By establishing frequent and achievable goals, a patient will encounter successes and encouragement at regular intervals throughout the rehabilitation process.

Make Home Exercise Sessions Fun

It is scientifically proven that following a well-constructed home exercise program will improve your adherence to therapy and therefore increase your likelihood of hitting all of your rehab goals. It important that you understand the importance of each exercise and how they all fit into the bigger picture of helping your recovery.

Mindlessly doing the same routine 4-5 times a week will get monotonous for even the most enthusiastic individual. You should aim to make your home workout area as comfortable and stimulating as possible. Music, for example, can be a wonderful motivator and help make your workouts pass by more effortlessly. Ensure to wear comfortable loose fitting workout clothing to be better prepared for your exercise routine.

Choose the Right Physical Therapist

Staying motivated throughout your rehabilitation journey can be a daunting task but you can set yourself up for success by setting appropriate goals, optimizing your workouts and choosing the right team. The physiotherapist who is involved in your care should be knowledgeable of your injury, empathetic to your needs and most importantly heavily invested in your rehab journey. At Renew Wellness, we pride ourselves on our individualized, one-on-one treatments which are always delivered in a compassionate and friendly manner. We would love the opportunity to help you optimize your performance and rehab.

Renew physiotherapists, located inside O2 Fitness, are licensed experts and are here to work with you in overcoming any limitation or restriction you feel is holding you back from peak performance. The better you feel, the better you perform; so schedule an appointment or free screening today!

Damien O'Sullivan

Written By: Damien O'Sullivan