The Six Dimensions of Wellness

Dec 5, 2022 9:53:05 AM | Renew The Six Dimensions of Wellness

Mindfully focus on your health and wellness goals by understanding how the six dimensions of wellness work together and contribute to healthy living.

As the year comes to an end, and a new year begins, we often reflect on our accomplishments and set new goals for ourselves. Health and Wellness are commonly among the top priority. But what exactly makes up Health and Wellness? Let’s break it down!

Health refers to physical, mental, and social well-being and not just merely the absence of disease. Physically, one looks at nutrition, identifies risk factors of illness, and understands physical activity. Mentally, one should strive to improve self-identity, cope with conflict, and adjust to changing environments. Socially, one should consider the quantity and quality of interpersonal relationships. 

Wellness aims to enhance well-being. We can get lost in the definitions, so let’s identify some concepts of each. The National Wellness Institute identifies Six Dimensions of Wellness: Emotional, Occupational, Physical, Social, Intellectual, and Spiritual. Using this model, a person can become aware of how these dimensions are interconnected within their own lifestyle. 

  1. Emotional - this dimension of wellness recognizes awareness and acceptance of one's feelings. 
  2. Occupational - the occupational dimension believes that it is better to choose a career that aligns with our personal values and interests than one that is unrewarding to us. 
  3. Physical - optimal wellness is the result of good exercise and eating habits. This dimension teaches you to understand and appreciate the relationship between nutrition and how your body performs.
  4. Social - the social dimension of wellness encourages one to contribute to their environment and community. 
  5. Intellectual - this dimension recognizes one's creative, stimulating mental activities. 
  6. Spiritual - the spiritual dimension of wellness recognizes one's search for meaning and purpose.

At Renew Wellness, our primary goal is to improve the overall health and wellness of our patients.  We provide personal, one-on-one care that sets us apart from other providers of physical therapy.  We look forward to building personal relationships and helping you achieve your personal goals!

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Written By: Renew Physiotherapy