Why You Should Try Normatec Boots

Jan 30, 2023 12:19:43 PM | Renew Why You Should Try Normatec Boots

JP Horan, the clinic director at our North Chatham location, provided the information for this blog. Curious to learn more about Renew Wellness and its services? Click here to book a free screening with JP!

O2 Fitness and Renew Wellness have welcomed the Normatec compression boots into our recovery toolbox at all club locations!

If you're familiar with sports training, compression therapy isn't a new term for you. But even if you aren't familiar, there's a chance you've already tried it yourself with compression shorts or socks.

Good recovery is key to keeping your body moving and feeling good. Keep reading to learn more about these boots and the benefits of adding compression therapy to your post-workout recovery routine!

Benefits of Compression Therapy

Compression therapy is a form of treatment used to improve blood flow and circulation in the body. Using compression therapy for workout recovery provides these 5 major benefits to your body: 

  1. Decreased muscle inflammation and tension.
  2. Decreased recovery time between training sessions.
  3. Reduced swelling and water accumulation.
  4. Lactic acid and lymphatic flushing to remove toxins.
  5. Improved blood circulation.

What do the Normatec Boots do exactly?

The Normatec brand has really taken compression therapy to the next level!

Our Normatec boots zip up around your entire leg. Within the boots, several chambers incrementally fill up with air, starting from your toes to your thighs. While the boots run through their cycle, they will ramp up and down in compression levels as well as provide a pulsing effect that feels like a massage.

This dynamic compression and massage combination is the most elite way to improve your muscle recovery and blood circulation!

Who Can Benefit from Using the Normatec Boots?

Runners. Athletes of sports from volleyball to dancing to swimmers. People that work all day on their feet or at a computer. Nearly anyone can benefit from using the Normatec boots!

If you have a condition that causes swelling in your legs, we suggest you check with your doctor before using it.

When should you use Normatec Boots?

So now that you know how amazing these boots are, you're probably wondering when is the best time to use them!

The Normatec boots can be used in a handful of different ways, including: 

  • For a warm-up before a hard workout.
  • Post-workout muscle recovery.
  • After a long day of work (sitting or standing.)
  • If you are experiencing swelling or discomfort in your legs.


Want to try the Normatec boots out for yourself? Good news!

You can find them at any of our local Renew Wellness locations.

Click here to learn more and book a session to use the Normatec boots next time you're at the club!


J.P. Horan

Written By: J.P. Horan